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Jordi Llompart
General Manager

Jordi Llompart, executive producer and journalist, has been directing and producing for many audiovisual media, emphasizing on the twelve years directing and hosting the Daily News for TV3 and Channel 33, Spanish channels. In 2000, together with "Barcelona Empren", he founded Orbita Max.

In Search for Innovation
Created in 2000, Orbita Max is a production company based in Barcelona, Spain, specializing in large format filmmaking, documentary and corporate videos.

The company is participated by Orbita Report and RBA Group, and directed by award-winning Spanish journalist and filmmaker Jordi Llompart who has 25 years of experience in television and documentary cinema.

Orbita Max plays a pioneering role in Spain by producing “Mystery of the Nile”, the first Spanish giant screen (IMAX®) film in history.

Other productions internationally distributed are television documentaries and documentary series.

Orbita Max also creates other audiovisual productions for institutions and corporations such as audiovisual creations for exhibitions, special events, corporate videos or DVD productions.

Orbita Max continues searching for innovation and working on the creation of new 3D productions for IMAX® and digital theatres.

In 2007 Orbita Max received the Sant Jordi Prize to the most innovative company in the Spanish audiovisual industry.

And in 2008 received the FICOD award to innovation, for the development of new techniques of digital content broadcasting with the production of the first Spanish stereoscopic 3D film Magic Journey to Africa.
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