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Orbita Max has a large offer of audiovisual products for corporations and institutions: from corporate videos or audiovisual creations for exhibitions and special events, to DVD editions. We are flexible and creative. Some of our clients are AGBAR, ISDIN, Fundació La Caixa, Pepsi, Vertix and Barcelona Activa.
Agbar Tower - Barcelona's most famous skyscraper
AGBAR - The sea, the big source
Vertix Real Estate Group - Institut Dexeus
AGBAR - Els camins de l'aigua (Water paths)
ISDIN - Educational Campaigns on Sun Protection
AGBAR - Communication
ISDIN - Educational Campaigns on Sun Protection
Year: 2006
Director: Elia Urquiza
Orbita Max
Genre: Videos for schools
Theme: Educational
Production of interactive educational materials for ESO and primaria students in Spain, that is distributed every school year.

The promoters of this campaign are ISDIN laboratories, and their goal is to make the young ones aware of the risks of solar radiation.

The yearly campaign is for ESO students (Solar Max) and primaria (Sun, Skin and Sun Protection).
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