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Large format is the biggest and highest quality film format that exists nowadays. It is usually known as IMAX®, and it is a film negative with 15 perforations by 70 millimeters, that gives a quality of image 10 times better than the usual 35 millimeters film.

In Orbita Max we are creators of the first Spanish large format film, “Mystery of the Nile”, the most successful large format documentary film in 2005, the year of its opening.

After the success of “Mystery of the Nile” we keep working on the development and production of new large format films for giant screen theatres.

Magic Journey to Africa
Mystery of the Nile
Wired to Win
The Quest for the Ark of the Covenant
Wired to Win
Year: 2004
Length: 40'
Director: Bayley Silleck
Partners Healthcare
Genre: Documentary
Theme: Medical science
IMAX® documentary film about the human brain processes, following a group of cyclists during the Tour de France. For this film, Orbita Max offered Partners Healthcare all the production services needed for the shooting that took place in Girona and the French Pyrenees.
Girona and French Pyrenees
Distributed By:
National Geographic Giant Screen Film Distribution
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